Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tot School ~ Transportation Theme

I have decided to start doing some theme based learning activities with Lucas, my hopes is that it will create more structure in to our routine not only for Lucas but for me when planning activities. 

The theme we have started with is transportation – Lucas loves trucks, trains, planes, boats, and buses so this has been a very easy transition for us so far!

Lucas is 26 Months

Here is a look at what we did this week…
IMG_5056 Cc is for Cars! With cars stickers

IMG_5043Lucas also put some stickers on his face.. his big brother taught him to do this!

Lucas worked on some of his puzzles this week too, this one that he got for Christmas – he loves it because its has a school bus!IMG_5317IMG_5328 He also did his other favourite puzzle, the

We made a toilet paper roll airplane for our stART activity.  IMG_5358 You can see the post here.

IMG_5363Lucas built a road for his school bus out of our blocks.

IMG_5373In the sensory table Lucas made car tracks in the play dough.

IMG_5416I made some transportation bottle top cards, inspired by this post. You can find the download for them here.

IMG_5628 This is another activity I made for Lucas, you can find the post about it and the download here.

IMG_5466 For some open ended art I set up our craft table for Lucas to paint with some of his little cars. I love his delicate fingers in this photo : )

IMG_5467 We did this same activity last year in march – I cant believe how much he has matured since then!

We are going to continue on with this theme next week as well, Lucas is loving it and I have a million other ideas for us to do!


  1. It's amazing how much kids remember. We we painted with cars with my little guy a couple years ago and he STILL talks about it. We should really do this again

  2. Great theme, I'm saving it for ideas for my guy. Where'd you get the Thomas shirt? My guy LOVES Thomas!

  3. Kate, its actually a pajama shirt! I usually have Lucas pick out his own clothes and that was what he wanted to wear that day! I believe the pajama set was from walmart.

  4. Thanks, I'll check there. He's already got one Thomas pajama set and when I go to change him in the morning he freaks cause he doesn't want to wear anything but Thomas. He has two short sleeved Thomas shirts so I've been putting a long sleeve onesie on first and then the Tshirt to make him happy. The only other shirt I can happily get him to wear has a dinosaur on it, I really didn't expect a 2 year old to care about clothes.

  5. Great week! I am so bad at sticking to a theme. It was one of my goals for the year that I have yet to achieve. Love the painting with the wheels! Kerri


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