Thursday, January 20, 2011

stART~ Freight Train

This week we read Freight Train by Donald Crews for our stART activity. Yep! Another book by Donald Crews! What can I say, we LOVE his books!!

 Freight Train Big Book (Mulberry Big Book)

After reading the book – several times, we made a train from toilet paper rolls.

Lucas lost interest in painting after the second colour, so Dominic helped me finish the rest after he got home from school.


After the paint dried I joined all the pieces with paper clips and had Lucas glue on the wheels. It didn’t turn out quite how I had pictured, but Lucas loves it and that is all that matters!

IMG_6000BB IMG_5989BB

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  1. Oh what a perfect perfect train! We adore loo roll crafts and this one is wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    Do join Kids Get Crafty...

  2. You are SO creative! GREAT job!! Kerri

  3. I think it turned out great. Lovely rainbow train.

  4. OH, this is another awesome craft idea this week--thank you!

    We are also fans of Crews' books here.

  5. What a great idea. I have a question about the paints. Whenever we tried to paint something it turned out the paint made a lot of stains. Do you use any particular kind of paints? Hugs. Ewa

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! It was a fun craft to make and Lucas has enjoyed playing with it!

    Ewa, we use tempera paint most of the time I sometimes add a little bit of water and some liquid soap to make it easier to wash of hands, surfaces and clothes... I did this a lot when Lucas first started painting and he would get it everywhere!


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