Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sesame Street Tot Book!

A few months ago while I was cleaning out our crawl space I came across one of Dominic's old Elmo dolls. Its one of those ones that you program with your computer so that Elmo knows your name and some of your favorite things like your favorite animal, favorite foods, etc. So after I cleaned him up a little I reprogrammed the doll to suite Lucas.... He instantly fell in love with it and now carries his "melmo" EVERYWHERE! Now if only I could get him to sit down and watch an Elmo video once in awhile. Not that I want him to be one of those kids that wants to sit in front of the TV... I just think it would be nice if he would watch just long enough for me to vacuum without having to do this!!

Anyways getting back to topic,  I have been wanting make a tot book ever since seeing all the ones that Carisa made over on her blog 1+1+1=1. So I took the time that was supposed to be spent packing : ) and made my very first tot book!!

 Here is a look at how it turned out.....

In the top left corner is a mini colouring book, in the bottom left corner is an accordion fold counting book with numbers 1 - 10. In the top right corner is a mini book naming some of the sesame street characters, and in the bottom right corner is an Elmo size sequencing set. In the middle is shapes, and it says "help Elmo find the different shapes"

Here is a look inside the mini colouring book.

and the mini sesame street friends book.

Here is the Elmo size sequence set.

Lucas loves his new tot book! Especially the Elmo sequencing... he cant sequence them yet but he really likes putting them in and out of their pouch.

I have every intention of sharing this tot book I just have a few small kinks to straighten out first, so be sure to check back soon!


  1. Good idea! I was going to prepare sth similar, like "touch-feel-see" book for my baby! I will keep this in my mind for future :)

  2. aaaw great idea. I have tried making tot books too but they are not as good as yours

  3. It's so special for your son to have a Tot Book made by his mummy. I am yet to make my own. I think it is great that you can tailor it to suit your child's interests.

    The Melissa and Doug circular animal puzzle in your previous post looks like a fun puzzle. I think I need to invest in a packet of window markers - my children would also love drawing with these and then wiping their creations away.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! I am very proud of my first creation ; ) and thrilled that Lucas loves it too!

    Elise, the markers are definately worth it! both my kids love to draw at he easel and we are saving lots of paper that way too!

  5. LOVE it. Thank you.

  6. I just joined your blog and am wondering if this book is still available to download. I am not able to click on the link. Thank you! :)

  7. Hi Carey, the link to the download is in another post:


    Hope that helps,

  8. Newest follower here! Can't wait to do this with my little one!
    ~ Mrs. Mc


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