Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Play Room

I am writing this post as part of the linky going on over at 1+1+1 regarding Tot School Zones. Below are the photos of our current play room setup once we move however, I am planning on doing something completely different!

The boys love being in their playroom! It is a fun and inviting space for them, but for my husband and myself we don't like to spend much time there at all. That's why in our next house it will be more of a family room and less "daycare-ish"
In this photo is our sensory table, Dominic's work table, a play kitchen and LOTS of toys! That is something else that will be changing with our move, I already have 3 big bags full of toys that will be going to the thrift store because we just have way to much! A lot of the toys don't even get played with and it tends to be really overwhelming for the kids.

In this photo is some push toys (Lucas loves them all), our train table and parking garage, and on the black shelf is manipulative's and puzzles.

Here is our reading area a chair for each boy, and we put up some rain gutter bookshelves. In the baskets are some stuffed animals, dolls, doll clothes, and blankets.

Here is our messy area! where we do our crafts and play playdough, and anything else that I don't feel comfortable doing on the carpet (like rice in the sensory table!). See our easels mounted on the wall? It was originally this but it didn't fold and it just took up way too much space so I took it apart and had Shane mount it to the wall for us : )

This is our laundry/storage room. This is where I keep all of our books, puzzles, games, extra toys, and our craft stuff.

As I mentioned earlier I do plan on totally revamping the way our playroom is set up as well as the way we do tot school. Once we are in our new home and all is complete I will add some photos to share our new learning space!


  1. I like that you mounted your easel on the wall. What a great idea.

  2. Wow - it looks like you've got a lot of space for learning! Love the easels, too. And all your tables and play equipment...

  3. wow that is awesome like a real PreK room

  4. Oh, wow, I love the rain gutter bookshelf idea!!! :)

  5. This is my dream room! looks beautiful!

  6. Beautiful spaces for learning. I would love more info about your sensory table - how it's made what you used, etc.


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