Thursday, April 15, 2010

STart ~ Five Little Kittens

The book we chose for our STart project this week was "Five Little Kittens" by Stewart Cowley

Five Little Kittens (Magic Windows: Pull the Tabs! Change the Pictures!)

I have had this book since I was young, it was a favourite of mine and now Lucas really enjoys it too!

For our craft this week we of course made a cat!

I put some black and white paint on the paper for him, and then he mixed it and painted

Can you believe he doesnt have paint all over him???

If you have looked at any of our previous STart posts he is always covered in paint! 
This was the first time EVER that we painted and he didnt eat the paint, or paint his hands : )

Im not sure if its because maybe grey paint isnt too appealing? Or if my babe is growing up!

 Once he was finished we put it away to dry
Then I cut it into a cat shape and had Lucas help me put the eyes and nose on
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  1. He did a great job painting with gray! I love how the final kitty turned out with white tipped ears and tail.

  2. Very cute! Don't you love sharing your childhood favs with your kids?

  3. What a great way to use his painting! It looks great!

  4. That turned out so cute! My kids are older and still end up covered in paint.

  5. Very cute! I'm quite impressed that he's not covered in paint. Little boys and girls tend to be paint magnets.

  6. Cute kitten. I am impressed he didn't eat the paint. My little one sometimes still tries to taste paint.


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