Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tot School

Lucas is 17months
Tot School

This Week in Tot School...

This week we worked on playing with golf tees and Styrofoam. This was a huge success! Lucas loved this activity and did it almost every day this week. Notice big brother at the side of the photo... he decided to be camera shy on this day.

Such intensity as he works!

On his shelf this week as his animal cottage

This is still a big favorite around here!
He now knows that he has to match the coloured key to the same colour door...

Also from his shelf we played with his stacking/nesting cups

these are another favourite around here!

We spent some time outside Lucas likes to dig in our dirt patch

Here he is putting the dirt from one bucket to the other

and smooshing the dirt

Also this week I brought out a new toy

This however he had very little interest in

We did play with it for a few minutes but thats about it- oh well I will reintroduce this in a few weeks and see if he'll like it better then!

We did some feet (whole body lol) painitng for our STart project
(see our STart post here)

Lucas' new favourtie pass time has been looking out our living room window!
watching for birdies and waiting for dada to get home

Mamas favoutite photo this week...


  1. Fun week. It looks like he had fun with the styrofoam. I also love your picture of him looking out the window. My Little girl loves watching the birds too. She just started saying; "tweet, tweet" when she sees them.

  2. Our library has that Chicco toy and my little one loves it! The golf tees look like lots of fun. I should try and find some of those....


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