Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tot School #5

Lucas is 15months
Tot School

This week in tot school....

We coloured with markers, Lucas likes to make a few scribbles here and there but he mostly likes to pull the lids off the markers and then put them back on.

I also introduced stamps to Lucas this week he is not very interested in them yet, I will try again in a few weeks.  He mostly just stuck his hands into the ink pad, I tried to show him to make handprints but he had zero interest in the as well!   

One thing he did like to do was to stick his face in the ink...

Good thing its washable!!

A new house is being built behind us, Lucas has been enjoying watching the assortment of trucks that have working.

Lucas has always loved looking at books, but just recently he has been wanting them read to him. He used to run away when I read books, or get mad cause he wanted the page turned so he could see the next picture.  But over the past few days he has been brining books to me saying "dat! dat!" and then sitting in my lap to hear the story.

Lucas loves to explore EVERYTHING especially in the kitchen! He is forever going through the cupboards and drawers looking for some thing to play with. 

Juice boxes are among his favourite

He likes to pull off the straws

and build towers

Lucas also likes to go through the tupperware cupboard...

and find "hats"

What a cutie!! 

This week we also did some Valentines day crafts

starting with a collage

They had foam hearts, valentine confetti, and red and white ribbon scraps.

Then we painted. 

You probably cant tell from the picture but there is a peice of contact paper on top of the construction paper he is painting. 

Once his painting was dry I removed the contact paper to reveal this...

And our last bit of tot school..... life school.... is laundry! 

Lucas always helps me put the dirty clothes in the washer, and he also likes to pass the clean clothes to me to put into the dryer. The other day I found him in the laundry room doing it all him self!

and then he even tried to start the machine, good thing there's a child lock : ) 


  1. It looks like a great week!!! I love the pictures of him doing laundry. :)

  2. What a fun week! I love the contact paper heart painting! What a sweet laundry helper you have!

  3. He is so adorable! I love the pics of him stacking his juice boxes. It looks like he is really into exploring :)

  4. My little one loves to do laundry! She is pretty good at sorting, but a pro in tossing it in the washer and putting it in the dryer.

    We are just training them from a young age =)

  5. Wow you are brave giving your little guy markers! I bet he loved them, though. Are those rain-gutter shelves? I want some of those so much!! How cute is your son doing laundry, that's awesome! Great week :)

  6. He is precious! Love the ink picture!


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