Monday, February 8, 2010

Tot School #4

Lucas is 15months
Tot School

I don't have many pictures for this weeks tot school,  it was a very crazy week for us!  Lucas has not been feeling to good, he has got a cold and also has some molars and eye teeth are coming in so all around he was a very cranky little guy. I did manage to capture a few fun moments though, so here they are:

I switched out our beans for some rice and lentils, he LOVES the sensory table and is always very excited to see something new in there to explore.

It was looking a little plain so I added our magnetic alphabet letters & numbers 
to add a bit of colour and also a fun way to explore the alphabet!

Lucas came across this old tylenol bottle in our recycling bin, and has been playing with it ever since. He enjoys twisting the lid on and off, to make it more fun I gave him 5 small wooden balls to drop in and dump out.

Here he is putting the balls in and counting with daddy.

We tried to do a Valentines day sun catcher collage....

But he really had zero interest in it.

Instead he wanted to control the music....

He pushes the chair over to the shelf all the time to do this!

One toy he did enjoy this week was his animal cottage

I usually rotate our toys every 2 weeks, and he was very excited to see this toy come back out as its favorite around here.

And we did our yoghurt painting. You can read about it here

Lucas also started doing the sign for help this week!


  1. Yogurt painting looks like it was a hit! I might have to do that with my son this week!

  2. I really like how you put letters in your bucket. I think we are going to do a Chicka Chicka ABC theme here in a few weeks and that would be a great addition.

  3. I have just come over from Melissa's blog where I saw that you were listed for an award. I clicked over to your blog and love it! I am your newst follower. If you get a chance I would love for you to stop by my blog.

    I have a little boy who just turned 19 months and a three year old girl. We also love our sensory table here and it gets a good workout - almost daily.

    My little boy is also fascinated with empty bottles and I am collecting a good supply for him as he likes to try and take the lids off and on.

    Yoghurt painting looks like so much fun. The messier, the better, right?!?

    I am going to try the colour experiment out. I think my daughter would find that fascinating.

  4. What great ideas - I love your sensory box! I enjoy reading your blog - I have an award for you - you can grab it here:
    :) Nicole


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