Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money Math

Recently I started giving Dominic an allowance, not much just a couple of coins here and there for doing some extra jobs that are not included in his daily chores. After I started doing this, right away I noticed that he didn't know which coins were which.  Yes he is almost 6 years old and this is something we should have worked on a looong time ago..... but we didn't!  So that's what we worked on today.


I gave him a container with a handfull of each quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies and a tray in which to sort them.


We sorted them out 4 times unil he was used to saying what each one was.

Then we counted how many of each coins there were and wrote it down in his math workbook and added up how much money there was in each set of coins.

I plan to do some more money activities with him over the next few days if anyone has any ideas/resources they would like to share I'd really appreciate it!

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