Monday, January 24, 2011

Read to Me – Transportation Theme Books

We just finished up 2 weeks of transportation themed activities, here are the books that we read during these two weeks:

Trucks (Usborne Touchy Feely)
Trucks by Fiona Watt- We bought this book quite awhile ago, and it has been one of Lucas' favourites ever since! The text is short and simple, perfect for a two year old that doesn't like to sit still! Each page has its own truck with multiple textures to feel, also each page has background images, and or animals to touch and feel which is great for expanding the story and learning even further!

Alphabeep!: A Zipping, Zooming ABCAlphabeep by Deborah Pearson- I loved this book! I thought the rhyming text was sweet, and the pictures were bright, bold, and engaging! Both of the boys enjoyed this book as well, it was a little difficult for Lucas to sit still for the whole book but he loved seeing all the different vehicles, and he chose this book several times throughout the week!

My CarMy Car by Byron Barton– This is a terrific book for any little boy who loves cars, Lucas wanted to read it over and over again! Once again this was a book with very simple text  “I am Sam – This is my car.”  Throughout the book Sam talks about his car and its parts, and how he cares for his car… I later used this while playing cars with Lucas – we pretended to fill our cars with gas, and change the oil, use our headlights and so on… at the end of the book Sam drives his car to work – where he is a bus driver! Lucas loves that part!

Fire TruckFire Truck By Peter Sis – Neither Dominic, Lucas or I like this book. It was written by a father for his son who loves fire trucks, I can imagine some kids may enjoy this book… but I found the pictures were boring, and the text had no rhythm or story value to it.

How Will You Get There, Maisy? (Maisy Lift the Flap)How will you get there maisy? by Lucy Cousins – another book we weren’t too fond of. This was a lift the flap book which the kids usually enjoy, but the way the story was written was just not engaging for us at all. Other then the one time we read it together, I don't think it left our book basket all week.


Freight Train & Flying by Donald Crews – for anyone who has been reading my blog you know of my love for Donald Crews and his books! The pictures are always clear, colourful and crisp! and the text is short, simple, and engaging!


  1. Awesome! I have a class of mostly boys and we have been making some transportation discoveries recently. Have you ever read "If I Built a Car" by Chris van Dusen? I love it!

  2. We are doing tractors and race cars this week. Well, okay, it is always tractors for one of the boys! ;)

  3. I am delighted to see that you included an airplane book in the mix! Another truck book to try (one that I enjoy, anyway) is Dumpy, the Dump Truck by Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton. Not the early reader versions, the original picture book.

    I will check out the Donald Crews Flying one. I wonder what other airplane picture books are out there? I must find out!

  4. Katherine, no Ive never heard of that book Ill have to keep my eye out for it! Thanks

    Elizabethanne, another airplane book I know of and like is The Little Airplane by Lois Lenski it was one of my older sons favourites from when he was a toddler.


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