Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tot School #7

Lucas is 15 Months
Tot School

Hello other Tot Schoolers! Thanks for all the replies to my questions last week it really helped me out!  I have decided that I will be doing themes with Lucas; however I will not be starting that until he is a bit older - I'm thinking around 18months would be a good time to start.

For now we are going to continue doing our “random” activities based on what Lucas likes as well as slowly incorporating some more structured activities (like participating in STart projects) to get us into more of a "school" routine. 

What we did this week....

New on our shelf this week was this Melissa and Doug bead sequencing set. Of course Lucas couldn't match any of the control cards but he really enjoyed threading the beads on to the dowels. 

We were counting the beads as he threaded them on, he is getting really good at counting he can count to 7 now!! 

and he clapped for himself each time he completed a row : ) 

For a long time he sat threading this one bead onto the dowel 

Once he was finished with this we moved onto playing with his cars...

I picked out a few of his yellow cars and a few red cars and put them in rows to show him and sort them but he had zero interest in that! Soo we just played on his car mat.

This week we did our first STart project! You can read about it here.

I made this Tornado sensory bottle awhile ago and this week he began to show some interest in it...

I put some glitter in there as well and he likes to shake the bottle and watch the glitter float around, he calls it "no" - snow. 

Lucas loves to observe, and see how things work and then try to make them work. He has an engineers mind and loves to build stuff!  This week I found him in big brothers room playing with his marble run set. He likes to put the connector tubes together. 

He is really quite good at it

Look how concentrated he is!

and our last activity of the week was making some shamrock decorations for St.Patricks day

I drew a shamrock onto their paper and let them go at it with the glue, and some green collage materials 

My favorite photo from this week:


  1. Wow, what a great week! I'm very impressed that your son can already count to 7.

  2. It looks like he really enjoyed all his projects!!! He is so cute :)

  3. Wow, what a great week. I love bead sequencing set. I've been debating it for us, but opted to just get the lacing beads thinking I could adapt it. Tornado tubes are awesome!!!

  4. What a clever boy - counting to 7, very impressive.

    We don't own a bead sequencing set, but I think it looks like a versatile resource to have. As you said, it's perfect for fine motor skills at the moment, but as Lucas gets older it will be great for sequencing and pattern matching.

    Your sensory bottle sounds like a neat idea.

  5. hehe that last picture is too cute! What a fun week!


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