Thursday, March 4, 2010

STart ~ Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!


This is our first week joining in on  A Mommy's Adventures  STart project!! 

We read Don' Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems.   This book has been a favorite around here for awhile with Dominic but it was the first time I had read it with Lucas.  

After we read the book I mixed up some paint and let Lucas get to work.

He painted his paper a bit and then....

.... decided its more fun to eat it instead.

After his painting was dried I cut it into the Pigeon shape...

And then Lucas and I glued on the finishing touches. 

Lucas and I had fun with this, its a great way for us to add a bit of structure into our week. Im already thinking of what we are going to do next week!


  1. oh my goodness - the pic w/ the paint on his face is priceless! What a cute pigeon! :)

  2. Great pigeon - what a good idea!! Love the paint on his face!

  3. Very cute project....the picture of him with the paint is adorable :)

  4. The pigeon turned out so cute. If he likes to eat paint you can try pudding paint next time. Just get some vanilla instant pudding and add your choice of food coloring.

  5. I really did LAUGH OUT LOUD when I saw the paint on his face! TOO FUNNY!

    Also, I love how your turned his work into a Mo Williams character- you should send a pic to Mo and see what he thinks...

  6. What a fun first stART project! Mo Willems is one of the top choices in our home, too. The pigeon is great!!

  7. OMG - you are one fearless mom. There simply cannot be a picture of my daughter with the face like that - I am such a hopeless control freak! I love the end result too - it looks just like a pigeon in the book.


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