Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tot School #6

Lucas is 15 Months
Tot School

We started our week off at my moms house (we went to stay at her house while my hubby was snowboarding!).  Lucas really enjoyed himself there, at first he was a little shy since we don't get to see my family that much... but it didn't take him too long to warm up to them.

This is my niece and her birds she brought the cage down to show Lucas, he really enjoyed that!

I don't think the birds were too thrilled though LOL!

as I was taking a picture he tipped the cage, thankfully not all the way over!

I think the birds were happy to have us leave : ) 

We also spent some time at the park (before the big snowstorm we got)

watching the water flow down the creek.

Lucas really enjoyed our time outside I cant wait till the weather is nice and we can spend A LOT more time outdoors!

I rotated our toys and books again this week, Lucas was very please to come across  this book. He has been carrying it around all week and loves for me to name the different animals for him.

Another toy he was happy to find is the magna-doodle. I had to take the small pieces away because he kept mouthing them. 

He enjoyed scribbling 

and making circles!

Then we played lego! he like for me to put all the pieces on the table and then he pulls them off, and vice versa.... We also say the colors while we do it, but to him they are all lelow (yellow).

This week I set up our craft table with play dough and some large wood beads, cut up straws, and popsicle sticks. It was a big hit!

Lucas enjoyed put the straws in  the play dough then pulling them back out. I would also bury the beads and he would dig them out.

Even big brother wanted to join in the fun!

and showed Lucas how to make a person.

love that face!!

We also tried painting at the easel

but I don't think he got the concept he wanted to paint at/on the table!

I've noticed a lot of other tot school families are doing themes with their tots and I am wondering at what age your began to introduce themes?  Do you go with a topic that your child is showing interest in or do you just pick something yourself?

I am thinking of starting to do themes with Lucas but Im not sure he'll be interested. 


  1. I started doing themes with my son just because they were easier for me. I started back in Oct (he was about 16 mos i think?) simply because it was easier to plan a week of P-pumpkin-orange activities one week, T-turkey-brown week, etc. Hope that helps!

  2. I just started following your blog through tot school. I just started last week and found that having themes made it easier to plan. I always did themes when I was teaching so it is easier for me, but you need to do what works for you and your little one.

  3. I had been wondering that too but I'm thinking it isn't so much an age as a "readiness". Xander at 13 months still won't really sit still for a story (longer than a small board book) and definitely isn't ready for gluing or painting (though I want to try some finger paints). Every week I notice he's more and more capable. I figure when he can sit through a whole picture book, can actually scribble with a crayon and not just bang it, and doesn't shove absolutely everything in his mouth, I would start doing alphabet theme weeks. Right now I am just focusing on playing and working on life skills (walking, petting the dogs GENTLY, not putting everything in his mouth, eating solid foods, etc...).

  4. Like Char, I used themes to teach my early childhood and kindergarten classes. It is a good way to connect a variety of activities and get more involved in a topic.

  5. I do themes because it is easier for me to plan. That way I kind of have to come up with some new ideas so our old favorites don't become boring. I don't theme us to death though and not do something because it does not fit that theme.

  6. We do a theme but mostly because its easier for me to plan out activities! I love the picture of him check out the birds :-)


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