Friday, January 15, 2010

Our First Tot School!

Lucas is 14 months
Tot School

I have been wanting to participate in tot school for awhile now, but Dominic is too big, and Lucas wasn't quite big enough! Now at 14 Months old it is time for us to join in on the fun!

This is one of Lucas' favorites! He loves to take the rings off and then put them back on.

Here he is reading one of his new books from Christmas, Lucas loves to look at all books but he especially likes this one because of the bright pages and the peek-a-boo flaps.

Lucas likes to put things inside of other things, here he is putting the peg people inside their truck.

After lots of practice Lucas has mastered the art of walking (and running away from mama!)

Here Lucas is working on his hinges board, each door he opens has a magnetic animal behind it he likes to take them out and put them on our fridge.

And of course there was our fun sensory experience with the shaving cream (which he had to get a taste of YUCK!)

Also this week Lucas started doing 2 new signs; Bath and Please.


  1. Cute shaving cream picture. I have a 5 month old (as well as a "tot")...when did you start doing signs with Lucas?

  2. We started doing signs around 6/7 months and he did his first sign at about 10 months

  3. I LOVE the shaving cream! Isn't signing great - I did it w/ all 3 of my kids, I have been signing with my baby since she was 3 months - she is 9 months now. With my boys they started speaking early - I contribute it to signing. Good job mama! :)

  4. Shaving cream looks like fun. We'll have to try that. We sign to Xander and he knows what different signs mean but he doesn't sign back. He also isn't much of a talker (12 months). Mama and Dada are interchangeable, the only word he is consistent about and uses for the right thing is Dog, though he can't do the g sound. Sniff, our dogs rates above Mommy!

  5. The hinge puzzle looks like tons of fun. I love how happy he looks with the shaving cream!

  6. I love the shaving cream picture! Looks like you guys had a great week!

  7. The shaving cream was a great activity, and because it was only shaving cream the clean-up was fast and easy!

    Sign language has been a wonderful tool for us. Ive noticed Lucas is talking more than my other son was at this age.

  8. Welcome, your son is adorable!

  9. Your boys are precious! What a cool sensory bin and I love the shaving cream pics! Did you make your sensory bin? It looks really big!

    Your youngest seems to be talking really early ! Good for him!


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