Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Photographer

Dominic has developed a strong interest in taking pictures, so after I received a new camera for Christmas I gave him my old one. I have covered all the camera basics with him and now he is going picture crazy!

this one makes me dizzy!
I brought his camera when I picked him up from school so that he could take some pictures outside

He has been having lots of fun taking pictures of random things he takes pictures of everything from his toys to close ups of his brothers ears.

I told him that he has to ask permission before he takes someone's picture, we passed by some girls walking their dog and they gave him the OK, he was very excited

We are going to pick his favorite pictures and print them out and keep a photo journal, I think that'll be a great way to keep memories!

This is my favorite photo of his so far... Its got me thinking we should copy this idea and make a lego pirate adventure book.

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