Monday, April 25, 2011

tot school ~ highlights from the past few months


That was a much longer break then I had originally anticipated, but I am glad to be back! Here is a collection of pictures from the past few months…

IMG_7082IMG_7086        painting with scrapers  

IMG_7120        drawing circles in the sand

IMG_7383        free art with dot markers

IMG_7410IMG_7419      torn paper collage…kinda. He lost interest : )

IMG_7492        lots of puzzles

IMG_7595         playing DS Games with big brother

IMG_7678         Lucas inherited an old cell phone which he LOVES! Its been great helping him learn his numbers.

IMG_7723        Mr. Shaggy Doo – got a hair cut

IMG_7906                                           Lacing and wearing wooden shoes

IMG_8002        Threading beads

IMG_8073                                          building with wedgits


IMG_8103         making bus trains ~ my mom gives him a one of those little yellow buses every time we go to her house for a visit.

IMG_8222         rice and lentils in the sensory table

IMG_8443         meeting petey the bird
IMG_8481                                            … and taking him for a ride on mack

IMG_8521         play dough sculptures ~ with googly eyes, big beads, and feathers

IMG_8659        painting a mini birdhouse

IMG_8743         more collages

IMG_8801        and glitter 


IMG_9197IMG_9200       dying Easter eggs


  1. Hi! New to your blog. Love all the neat things you do with your tot. My tot loves dinosaurs and trains as well :) May I ask where did you get your sensory table? It looks very sturdy and well made! Thanks!

  2. SOOO many awesome activities and photos in your post, wow! The wooden shoe is too funny. I love shaggy hair but he looks simply adorable with his haircut!

  3. Welcome back!! Lots of fun at your home and great learning too! Mr. Petey looks like a sweetie!


  4. Wow! You do a lot of fun activities with your son :) He is so cute! How do you keep him from making a mess everywhere? I still haven't started my daughter with painting yet because I just know it's going to get everywhere.


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