Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stART ~ Art’s Supplies

Art's Supplies

The book starts off with Art saying “its not my fault… my supplies have a mind of their own!” then the book goes on “the paper started it by inviting everyone to her pad for a party”. It doesn't take long for the pencils to arrive. They are soon joined by crayons, markers, pastels, ink, glue, scissors, and paint. This book creatively explores the process of children creating art.

However there is a BIG part of the book that I did NOT LIKE… on every page Art’s supplies are talking and making comments. Some are cute and clever like the crayons saying “lets colour outside the lines” others are rude and inappropriate like the pencil talking about his butt, and the markers talking about having the runs and making references to alcohol – that completely ruined what could have been a great book.

I gave the kids large sheet of paper and some pencils, markers, crayons and pastels.

Once they had coloured for awhile I gave them scrap paper, scissors and glue.IMG_6864

Lucas LOVES working with glue, we easily go through a bottle a week!IMG_6868

“just when I thought it was over, the paints arrived.” ~ a line from the bookIMG_6882

although I was not satisfied with our book, I loved this art project. It was great to just let the kids create after doing so many structured crafts the last few weeks!IMG_6887

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  1. I TOTALLY agree- it is frustrating when a great book becomes not-so-great with the addition of "potty" humor...

    (Oh, and your kiddos are JUST too cute!)

  2. Oh what a great bit of artwork and painting! Looks like you had tons of fun!

    And I agree - you don't need alcohol in a child's book etc...

    Kids Get Crafty

  3. Their artwork is beautiful! I like to tape wrapping paper to the floor and let my daughter go crazy on it.

    The book sounded good until you said the references to alcohol?!?

    Coming through from stART

  4. Wow, seriously they had references to alcohol? That's crazy for a kid's book. I'm with you on your opinions, and thanks for the heads up, won't get that one.

    But, I loved your project.

  5. It looks like they had a great time creating! Sorry about the book!

  6. Oh my! I was thinking that the book was going to be great! Yipes!

    Still looks like a fun activity though!



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