Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tot School


Lucas is 25Months

Our week started out pretty slow we have all been sick with a nasty cold around here and Lucas unfortunately, has had it the worst. He also got a needle this week which has made him extra irritable! But we were still able to accomplish quite a bit of learning.

This week we worked on the letter Bb!


I had some bubble wrap that one of our new Christmas decorations came in, and I thought it would be great for Lucas to wear as a mitt and make bubble prints for B.


Then we worked on our B page. His Favourite was the bus of course! He barely bothered to colour anything else!


Our finished Bb page for our alphabet book.

For our open ended art activity did some bubble painting! I have no pictures of Lucas in the process of doing this because I had to make sure he was blowing through the straw and not sipping up the paint – which of course was the first thing he did when I presented the activity to him!

As I mentioned above Lucas was pretty cranky all week, one of the things that kept a smile on his face was our singing snowmen. We have 3 different sets that all dance and sing jingle bells.

Here he is dancing along with a new one that his nanny bought for him!

Another open ended art activity Lucas enjoyed this week was making a Christmas collage. I cut up some of the Christmas cards we received last year along with some colourful wrapping paper and Lucas had lots of fun gluing and arranging everything.

For our structured craft this week –also our stART project we made a school bus

You can see our post about it HERE.

Lucas recently fell in love with Max and Ruby so I downloaded a few episodes off of i-tunes for him. Lucas, being the little computer wiz that he is often takes off to our computer room and goes to i-tunes and turns on Max and Ruby all by himself!

Here he is watching his favourite episode “Ruby’s piano practice”


That’s it for this week! Visit 1plus1plus1equals1 to see what other tots are learning.


  1. Sorry to hear about the sickies! Glad they're past. You still managed to do some neat things. The bubble wrap/painting idea is so creative, I never would have thought it would be good for painting. I love the way his bubbles through the straw picture turned out too. We worked on a collage this week too.

  2. Great week! Love the bubbles picture!! Hope the illness stays away! Kerri

  3. Ugh! We were sick this week too! :( Love the painting with the bubble wrap, that is too cool! I'll have to remember that...I just threw some out this week! And the dancing pic is awesome!

  4. aw hope he is feeling better soon! Looks like you still did some great activities though! x


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