Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tot School

Its been a looong time since I last participated in tot school! This week was the first time that I posted something on my blog since July. I have been going through a lot of tough stuff in my life and I just didn’t have the desire to come online.  I plan to write a little post about what has happened over the past few months, but for now I’m just going to jump right back in to tot school mode and share with you what Lucas and I did this month!
Lucas and I have been working on our alphabet for the past little while, he LOVES going on and it has really taught him a lot. This week we got started on making our alphabet book. I think these are really cute, but I wanted the letters to be a little more obvious so I went with this older idea I found on 1plus1plus1.

Lucas used a carrot to stamp “apples” onto his Aa’s
When he was finished with that I gave him a paint brush to do some free painting time. It had been a long time since we last had out paint out.. he ended up making 4 pictures! I plan on making this with them.

Lucas is still really into his cars! His favourite thing to do is line them up and then he takes turns playing with each one. I find line ups like this all the time:)
This week while he was playing I asked him to help me sort the cars by their colours.
I made this A page for Lucas when I gave it to him I had him tell me all the things that were on it and then he coloured it.
Afterwards I glued it to the back of his Aa’s page he had made. I am going to put it in a page protector and we are going to make a little alphabet book!
Also this week we did a little stART activity using a cute little book I found at the library
We read the book Little Blue and Little Yellow, I found a cute little video of the book here

Playdough has been really big at our house lately! Even daddy likes to join in on the fun!
I use the same recipe that my mom used to make for me growing up… the feel and the smell of the playdough bring back so many childhood memories :)
Lucas’ favourite tool to use with the playdough is our pizza cutter… its not sharp enough that he could hurt himself, but he is of course always supervised anyways!
Coming in a close second for favourite playdough toy is his cars, he loves to make tracks!

A few weeks ago my hubby and I decided to get the kids an early Christmas present… a puppy!

So perhaps this isn't technically tot school related but Lucas did learn a lot about being gentle and helping to take care of her so I've decided to include it anyways!

We got a beautiful, happy, smart, playful boxer puppy -who we named Abby. The kids LOVED her!  But unfortunately we had to give her away :( Somewhere over the past 6 years I have developed an allergy to dogs! We gave her to another family with kids and they have agreed to send us photos every once in awhile so that we can she how she is growing.


  1. Welcome back! Great week! You were missed. Take care, Kerri

  2. I loved the title of your blog, my son adores both. Sorry to hear you've been going through so much, but glad you are back. These were great activities. I really like the painting with the big fat brush. I think my son would like that a lot. Sorry to hear about the puppy allergy! So good that they will keep you updated with photos.

  3. I love that you were stamping with a carrot. creative!

  4. I love the free painting. What a huge brush I love it. I'm a new follower of you.


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