Thursday, July 8, 2010

STart ~ Elmo’s ABC’s

Its been awhile since our last STart post, we’ve been busy moving to a new city!  We are finally getting settled in our new home and able to do more of our regular activities.

This week we read Elmo’s ABC Book. Lucas loves Elmo right now!

Elmo ABC's book, Elmo With Sound (Sesame Street)

After Dominic finished reading the book we just did a simple art project since most of our craft supplies are not yet unpacked. 

I printed out some Elmo coloring sheets and the boys used our tempera paint pucks to paint them.

Dominic joined us in painting too!

After we were done painting we added some alphabet stickers

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  1. My son is recently obsessed with Elmo's ABC rap! It would go perfectly with this book, so if you guys haven't already found it, here is the youtube video of it:

  2. Elmo was a favorite of my daughter, but my son really doesn't seem interested in the cute fuzzy monster. Great job on the coloring pages! I'm going to have to check out that rap Cassie recommended...sounds cute!

  3. I like adding the letters to the picture, it ups the learning factor of simple painting.

    Hope you're enjoying your new city!

  4. The second painting looks like one my son would have done. Elmo is big at my house too.

  5. Simple is usually best, and they look like they enjoyed! I clicked on the picture of your playroom - it was great! I know you said you moved, though - hope you are all getting settled in easily!

  6. Sometimes simple stuff has the best results!

    Those came out cute

    Stopping by via stART!

  7. Cassie, My mom made us a mixed CD a few months ago that had that song on it, isnt it adorable!

    Lucas is really into Elmo and the alphabet right now, so this turned out to be a great project for us!

  8. My son is also into Elmo and letters! Thanks for sharing this project.


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